Miss Jigsaw FREE Online jigsaw Puzzles- How to play?

This jigsaw puzzle is best played on your computer (desktop) or tablet. 
Clicking on the “image” button will pop up a preview of this free jigsaw puzzle. 
Clicking on the “ghost” icon will place a shadowed version of the free puzzle for easier solving.
Clicking on the “squares” icon lets you arrange the puzzles pieces, and see them better.

Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle Butterfly:

This is an original illustration of a glowing butterfly, made using Procreate, and transformed into an online jigsaw puzzle. 
This free on line jigsaw puzzle is great for kids & adults, and it’s bright and vivid colors are super fun to solve and combine together!
This butterfly online jigsaw puzzle can also be found on a tote bag, as well as wall art pieces, and more- on Society6. 

ocean beach jigsaw puzzle